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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tories Line Up To Plunder The Economy.

In case you hadn't noticed Britain is in the midst of a revolution not seen since the 1980's and a bout of Tory-inspired asset stripping that would make Margaret Thatcher limp with anticipation. They are busy creating a revolving-door economy in which they will be the chief beneficiaries as they slip in and out of government and in out of newly created boards of directors in the health industry, education and welfare-to-work schemes. None of this is designed to provide better services - especially since competition has been virtually eliminated from modern capitalism - but is designed to make it easier for a political and financial elite to slither from one lucrative scam to another. Better still, as far as the Tory spivs are concerned, is that tax avoidance will continue to flourish as they sadly inform us that nothing can be done because "it will harm business." How can they get away with this? It's quite simple really as any time spent watching the BBC demonstrates. The Tories, and Labour before them for that matter, have spent three decades persuading us that Britain is not a society but an economy and everything, our welfare provision, our healthcare and our education, must be sacrificed to ensure that "busines" flourishes. The catch is that the "business" is not of the type that produces jobs but of the type that produces money for a tiny elite who may, if they're feeling generous, allow a few crumbs to fall from their banquet table to sustain the rest of us. The Tories, who have effectively captured the LibDems in this reprehensible Coalition government and neutered them, have no mandate, no Parliamentary majority and no support in the country for any of this. They are pushing ahead for their own selfish interests and have effecitvely abridged democracy in this country in order to do so.

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