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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Private Enterprise Moves In For The Kill.

As the great Tory masterplan moves into high gear, the picture of what Britain will look in the near future is not pretty. Having seen how private enterprise under the stimulus of neoliberal principles has brought the world to the edge of destruction, the Tories have decided that we all need more of it and that previous mistakes should be paid for by the victims. Bring on the heroes of business, the multinationals and the home grown spivs and conmen eager to cash in on the dismantling of our last remaining public services. The NHS is already well on its way to being carved up by various healthcare vultures, eager to empty our pockets for basic services and force us into debt to pay for clinical interventions that are, at the moment, free at the point of use. But, while this case of asset stripping by the grasping Tories has generated a huge amount of adverse publicity, they honestly believed they'd won the welfare debate by the simple expedient of labelling the unemployed and disabled as "scroungers." They ran into trouble only when young people were being forced into unpaid labour - slavery by any measure - and many of those young people happened to be the children of Tory voters. Someone prised the lid off this despicable and cynical attempt to force our children into a humiliating servitude and the stench of corruption has now filled the air. The cracks began to show when A4e was awarded yet more government contracts after a dismal showing in the welfare to work scam and the owner of this useless business, Emma Harrison, was appointed to be Cameron's "Family Champion." A4e was already under investigation for fraud, while disquiet began to rise when Emma Harrison pocketed over £8 million of taxpayers money for a business that had failed utterly to meet any of its targets. Then it was discovered that Emma was also diverting yet more money from her company into her private bank account for renting her home as a conference venue to her own company. Now, it has emerged, vouchers intended to provide interview clothing for the unemployed, have been diverted to A4e employees as pert of a "bonus scheme." Out and out theft in other words. Now comes news that the fast food giant McDonalds has been given £10 million of our money for apprenticeships without actually creating one single new job. Instead the money was diverted by the company into "career progression" for already existing employees. The Tories have opened the public coffers for their corporate mates and they are busily engaged in shovelling as much money as they can into their bank accounts. Britian is not being sold, it is being stolen from us in the greatest smash and grab raid of all time.

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