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Monday, 30 July 2012

How Tory Corruption Works.

So let's get this straight. Sovereign Capital is a company set up in 2001 by John Nash and Ryan Robson. In 2004 they bought the Employment and Skills Group (ESG). During the period between 2001 and 2012 the Tory party have received £182,500 from Mr Nash while he also gave Andrew Lansley a donation of £21,000. Mr.Robson has donated £267,866 to the Tories since 2003. Since the Tories seized power Mr.Nash has been appointed to the Department of Education Board by Michael Gove and is one of four key members of the Independent Challenge Group that advises George Osborne on how to "think the unthinkable" when it comes to cutting benefits to the unemployed. Mr.Robson is a director of the Centre for Social Justice, a thinktank set up by Ian Duncan Smith to help him develop his plans for cutting unemployment benefits. Since David Cameron snuck into 10 Downing Street by the back door ESG has been awarded £69 million in government contracts which will pay that company an extra £800 for every unemployed person they place on mandatory work-for-benefits schemes. Easy money whichever way you look at it since work-for-benefit schemes are mandatory and its not as if those forced to do it have any choice. Last week ESG was sold for an undisclosed sum to Ares Capital, the investment bank that had financed it in the first place. Essentially then public money has been siphoned off to a private company that has been instrumental in setting up the work-for-benefits scheme hand-in-glove with the Tory party which has been accepting "donations" from that same company for over ten years. So is this corruption? If it walks like a duck.......

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