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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Osborne Sneaks Off To Defend Banker's Rights.

Taking advantage of all the inconsequential sporting nonsense crowding out real news in Britain, Goeorge Osborne is sneaking out of the country this Tuesday to defend his banking pals from EU legislation. While even the "Financial Times" recognises that the banking industry is a swamp founded on sheer criminality and the "Economic Times" wonders why bankers haven't organised themselves like the Mafia, George Osborne is trying to defend banker's bonuses and trying to fight off banking reform. The EU is attempting to peg bonuses to a 1:1 ratio with actual pay - hardly a world shattering reform - but Osborne is trying to stop even that, arguing that reform is no way to reform the industry. He, apparently, believes that there should be some sort of self-regulation in which altruistic and honest bankers fix their own bonuses. In other words exactly the same system that has allowed bankers to seal money on an industrial scale and pauperise the rest of us for their own utterly selfish ends. Why would any sane politician do such a thing? Because Osborne, his fellow Tory gangsters and City bankers are all members of the same criminal fraternity. It is becoming increasingly clear that Britain does not have an economy, it has a criminal conspiracy and Osborne is determined that the City, a den of thieves by any reckoning, must be protected at all costs. In many ways its a pity that Osborne and his banking pals are not organised like the Mafia as the "Economic Times" suggests - at least then we might look forward to them machine-gunning each other in dark cellars every now and again.

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