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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Osborne Shoots Himself In The Foot.

When the LIBOR fixing scandal hit the front pages George Osborne began immediately to take action. Unfortunately he did not swing into action as a Chancellor should - trying to get to the bottom of the wrong-doing and put a stop to it - he swung into action as the unthinking, knee-jerk reacting Tory numbskull that he always was. Acting on an unfounded whisper that Ed Balls was somehow involved in the scandal and without bothering to check his facts he launched a campaign of vilification against his rival that came unstuck before it even began. While Bob Diamond made it crystal clear that he felt no pressure from either Ed Balls or Gordon Brown, George Osborne was feverishly trying to dig up dirt against the Labour party amongst leading City officials. What he found was nothing. With little choice he started to back-pedal like mad, trying to make out that he hadn't actually accused Ed Balls of anything, despite the fact that it was in black and white in the "Spectator." Now David Cameron has distanced himself, recognising that Osborne's attacks were motivated by personal animosity and have no foundation in truth. Senior Tories are distancing themselves as well, making it clear that Osborne is now regarded as an idiot and a liability to his party. Yet, as Tories have told the "Guardian", George Osborne still doesn't realise how spectacularly wrong his attack has gone. If the ridiculous budget and the numerous u-turns he's been forced into were not bad enough, this ill-considered campaign has now finally revealed Osborne for what he is - a spoilt rich brat without a brain in his head.

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