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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Why Voting Tory Costs Lives.

Since the Tories seized power with the help of their LibDem henchmen, the number of premature deaths in Britain has continued to climb. Suicide rates, especially amongst ex-servicemen, have soared as unemployment and cuts to benefits have led many into despair. Deaths amongst the sick have increased as it becomes increasingly difficult to access healthcare. Drug deaths are up, especially amongst the young, as the Tories withdraw from programmes designed to limit the damage. And, for the first time in a decade, road deaths have increased as the Tories slash road safety budgets. This is the true cost of austerity and, as the Tories know only too well, it affects ordinary people to a much higher degree than it does the rich. Once more it is the poor who are paying the price in blood for the crisis engineered by the fatcats in the finance and banking industry as the smug, self-satisfied and selfish dodge their fair share of the pain not to mention taxes. The Tories managed to lay waste to an entire generation back in the 1980's and, as predicted, they have used the present economic crisis as an excuse to lay waste to another one. Using the simplistic argument that a national budget is the same thing as a household budget, they have slashed and burned like the demented barbarians they always were.

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