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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tory Ideology Reveals Its Essential Insanity.

The sheer insanity that lies at the heart of Tory ideology becomes more and more obvious every day. Figures out today are widely expected to show that Britain is still firmly in recession - something that is of no surprise to anyone except for David Cameron and George Osborne. "Outsourcing" of security at all levels in Britain is to continue despite the utter incompetence of companies like G4S who literally couldn't find their arses with both hands. Meanwhile, as the Border Agency struggles with cuts to its staff and threatens strike action during the Olympics out of a sense of sheer survival, news breaks that an 11-year old boy was able to fly to Rome without a passport, bording pass or even a ticket. Having vented their spleen on ordinary people in this country for not being as posh as themselves, the Tories have also continued to persecute the vulnerable while their rich pals are allowed to be as greedy, evil and stupid as they like. The Olympic venue cost a cool £7 billion while, at the same time, the Tories flatly refuse to build badly needed housing because they fear that an increased supply might affect their own property values. The truth is that the Tories are entirely selfish and are incapable of governing the country in the interests of anyone but themselves and those rich enough to be considered "one of them." They like to point the finger and accuse trade unions and the Labour party of promoting class warfare when they have the temerity to fight back, but the working class are nothing but amateurs when compared to these class warriors who hate everyone who is not "them."

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  1. Correct. This should be the Tory government to end all Tory governments...
    That sounds familiar somehow :-/