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Friday, 13 July 2012

Britain Seizes Up.

After only 30 months the Tory plan for "improving" the nation is coming to fruition. The gap between rich and poor is widening at an accelerated pace, unemployment has continued its remorseless climb, the deficit has grown, suicides are up, MP's are still fiddling their expenses and voting in line with their own financial interests and bankers remain free while paying themselves huge bonuses for criminal failure. Meanwhile arrangements for the Olympic games are rapidly descending into farce, airport queues are growing, reform of the Lords has been set back for a decade, hospitals are being bankrupted and the wealthy are still avoiding paying tax. In other words the "Big Society" is nothing more than the same old society with even more added inequality. The entire country is literally seizing up as the economy collapses and working people struggle to meet ever higher prices while they are paid less and less. Britain is not Greece and does not have its economic problems but the Tories continue to pretend that it is. They are more than out of touch, they are an actual danger to the peace of the realm, a disaster for Britain who seem to relish the idea of driving the country into revolution.

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