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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Gove Destroys Education In Britain.

By any measure Michael Gove is an idiot whose every thought is driven by a right-wing ideology that defies all common sense. He is, therefore, regarded by the Tories as a genius. Such a genius that he has contrived to give £2 million to create a new free school with only 37 pupils in a county, Suffolk, that already has so many schools that some are half-empty. In order to cover up his utter stupidity many of the documents covering this debacle have been kept from the public because revealing them is "not in the public interest." The truth, of course, is that revealing them is not in Michael Goves' interest. Meanwhile up to 40% of our state schools are in such a ruinous condition that they have to lay out pots and pans to catch the water when it rains while playgrounds have been given over to temporary buildings. The state of higher education is in an even more parlous condition as student numbers have collapsed since the coalition government seized power. While the number of those attending university has declined by nearly 10%, FE colleges have been virtually destroyed with one, City of Sunderland, recording a staggering decline in student numbers of 68.2%. In two years this egotistical moron, clutching his personally signed copy of the King James Bible, has manged to undermine education in Britain to such an extent that it will take decades to recover. No wonder he is tipped to be the next leader of the Tory party.

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