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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Is Ian Duncan Smith The Most Evil Man In Britain?

Ian Duncan Smith likes to tell everyone that he is a committed Christian but, despite his claims, is he in fact the most evil man in Britain? A cursory look at his record so far is most illuminating. Having inherited an economy in which unemployment was actually falling despite the banking crisis and the recession he applauded while George Osborne reversed this trend and sent unemployment climbing towards the stratosphere. He then immediately set about stoking up hatred towards the unemployed, accusing them of deliberately throwing themselves out of work in order to swop the average wage of £500 per week for the obvious attractions of £60 per week. He then instituted a programme of ritual humiliation, forcing people, many of whom were unemployed for the first time, to attend "back to work programmes" in which mindless drones bang on about positive thinking and writing the irresistable CV. This accomplished he then turned his attention to the disabled who, he assures us, are mainly fakes and benefit scroungers. The result was an unprecedented increase in attacks and public abuse against disabled people, many of whom don't actually claim any benefits at all. Now he has launched an attack on those who have children when out of work, conveniently forgetting the usual Tory propaganda about "family values," and suggesting that they only have children to access lucrative benefit payments that guarantee them a life of luxury. What is more he does all of this while completely ignoring tax avoidance by the rich that makes benefit cheating pale into insignificance by comparison, and the culture of bonuses for executives that has made failure in business completely irrelevant. It may be worthwhile to remind this committed Christian about the description of the anti-Christ who, it is said, "will claim divine authority as he works all kinds of counterfeit miracles and signs while doing all kinds of evil." So is he the most evil man in Britain? It's difficult to say when he shares company with the likes of David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Andrew Lansley, George Osborne and Miachael Gove. but the "News In Shorts" thinks he just edges it.


  1. Thank you so much for telling the truth. I wish there was a way to expunge this evil from our society. But instead, it seems to be growing. The likes of IDS have given permission to every evil bigot to slither out from under their dung-heaps to heap abuse and cruelty on the most vulnerable. In my view, IDS and his ilk want non-productive people to die, and he's just finding ways of bringing that about without the need for death camps. But death it will be, all the same...

  2. I agree, he is, by quite some margin, the most vile "organism" in this country, and quite possibly in the world. Hell is far too good for him.

  3. and yet....he is worshipped by some! I can see them now, dancing naked around an effigy of the prince of darkness himself.

  4. Why has this man not being investigated for the lies he told about his educational background, if he can lie about that he can lie about anything.
    It is time an investigative reporter did some background work on this hateful piece of work.
    Even his old regiment want nothing to do with him.

  5. This vile piece of trash needs to be gotten rid of by any and all means possible along with anyone else who believes the wealthy have a divine right to live off the backs of the poor.
    These insidious parasites have been at it for hundreds of years, shifting blame while they have a feeding frenzy, laughing at us mere mortals fighting among our selfes.
    They propagate a fake reality for us indoctrinating us into believing the system is there to help, they are our servants and they do for the good of others while lining their pockets and the pockets of their friends the financial controllers of this planet.

  6. He's up there with Hitler and Stalin?