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Friday, 17 February 2012

Campaign Against The Disabled Gathers Pace.

The poster shown above is from Nazi Germany and essentially accuses disabled people of wasting valuable resources. Today in Britain there have been two reports that demonstrate how far down the same road we have now travelled. In the first report from the "Guardian" it has been revealed that officials from the DWP have met with disability groups to outline new plans to force disabled people to work for their benefits for unlimited periods of time or risk losing those benefits. Those who are to be forced into this new form of slavery include those diagnosed with cancer, stroke victims and those with mental health issues. In the second report it has been revealed that lawyers workong for ATOS, the private company that conducts "fitness for work" tests, have threatened disabled bloggers and forums with legal action if they don't stop discussing work capability assessments. Some forums have already been closed down by hosting companies after they were threatened by ATOS. We asked Ian Duncan Smith, front runner in this year's "Most Evil Tory Of The Year Award," for his view; "I don't see why taxpayers money should be spent supporting these useless people. They take up valuable resources that could be better spent on rasing MP's expenses and increasing executive pay. As for the action that ATOS has taken against disabled scum, I don't see why the disabled should benefit from the same democratic rights that the able bodied enjoy. My own exhaustive research, which consisted of asking other Tories for their opinion, demonstrates quite clearly that most of them are fakers and scroungers, while those who are actually disabled are that way because they deserve it. Look at Stephen Hawking. He's disabled but he still works. Modern capitalism has no place for such people and if they don't shape up they'll just have to take the consequencies of their greed and selfishness."

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