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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Baroness Warsi Calls The Kettle Black.

Baroness Warsi has criticised Len McCluskey for calling for civil disobedience during the forthcoming Olympic Games and described him as "selfish." We asked the most idiotic and schizophrenic member of the Tory party to expand on her comments; "That evil man is calling for ordinary working people to defend themselves against out wholly inappropriate campaign to make them pay for the banking crisis by spoiling our Olympic Games. The Games represent our best chance of presenting Britain as a wonderful paradise to the rest of the world and to showcase the brilliance of our economic policies. Millions of people have been looking forward to the event, especially the wealthy bankers, businessmen and politicians who are going to get free tickets courtesy of the taxpayer. Even some ordinary peasants, though they'll never get a chance to see any of the events themselves, are eager to celebrate this jamboree for the wealthy and are on our side on the basis that its sport and, therefore, takes precedence over anything else. Len McCluskey is not a real Englishman like me and should be burned at the stake for daring to show us up for the nasty bunch of narrow-minded fascists we are."

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