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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sam Gyimah Insults The Unemployed.

Sam Gyimah, with great patience and not a small meaure of self-satisfaction, explained to a BBC audience, made up in the main of unemployed people, why the rising unemployment figures are all Labour's fault and nothing to do with the Tories. The former investment banker from Goldman Sachs blithly ignored his own former role in gambling the world economy away and essentially told the audience that the government could and would do nothing for them and that they should all get off their idle arses and help themselves. The highlight of the programme came when a member of the audience challenged him to live on £60 for one week. Gyimah, of course, adroitly avoided the challenge by changing the subject and then proceeded to smirk after delivering a killer reply that had nothing whatsoever to do with the question asked. The millionaire ex-banker, who made his money by stealing it from everyone else, is the MP for East Surrey where unemployment is hardly a burning question and seems to have been chosen for the programme by the Tory party for his skill at being smarmy and having no empathy for the unemployed whatsoever. Sounds like Cabinet material to me.

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