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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ian Duncan Smith - J'Accuse.

The woman pictured above was named Karen Sherlock and she was just 44 when she died of a heart attack on June 8th. She was an ordinary woman, just like you or me, who had the misfortune to be desperately ill at a time when the Tories seized power and decided that she and millions like her were "scroungers." She was a diabetic, suffered from chronic kidney disease, anaemia, high blood pressure, asthma and was partially sighted. Yet, despite conditions any one of which would have seen a Tory MP taking to his or her hospital bed, ATOS declared her fit for work and her £96 per work ESA benefit was withdrawn. She was, in effect, left destitute by the DWP which has quickly become little better than a secret police force working for Ian Duncan Smith. With little choice she mounted a campaign to have her benefits restored and, as one of her friends described her, she "lived her last months desperately scared that her family would not survive the onslaught it faced." After two years, in which the justice of her case could not be denied even by the likes of the DWP and Ian Duncan Smith, her benefits were restored and the findings of ATOS were overturned. But the fact remains, a sick woman was literally hounded to her death by a Minister of the Crown for no better reason than to demonstrate his own warped ideological beliefs. In its defence the DWP issued this statement; "We cannot comment on the individual case." Perhaps not but, when this disgusting excuse for a government is finally turfed out of office, we can only hope that IDS is dragged in front of a court and forced to do so.

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