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Friday, 22 June 2012

Are We Ruled By The Criminally Insane?

Jimmy Carr's action in dodging tax was "immoral" according to David Cameron. But tax dodging by Sir Phillip Green, Lord Ashcroft and David Cameron's own father, Ian, is not. Why? Its a matter of class apparently. Not the old-fashioned version of class mind, but a new measure that takes into consideration the amount of money an individual has and how much influence he or she can wield. Jimmy Carr, with a mere £3 million, doesn't qualify, though he would if he was a Tory cabinet minister. Phillip Green and Lord Ashcroft do qualify because they are obsecenely wealthy and "donate" to the Tory party. David Cameron and his Dad do because he's the Prime Minister and his Dad is related to him. You and I are not because we're poor and are scum in any case, not having gone to the "right" school, the "right" university or knowing the "right" people. So you can be honest and hard-working but still be regarded as scum, or you can be dishonest and bone-idle but still be regarded as too important to tax. They exert influence because they are rich and they are rich because its all they know. They collect money like some people collect stamps or cats or Capo di Monte but, instead of being regarded as slightly mad, they get their picture on the cover of "Life" magazine. To maintain their wealth at levels far beyond anything they could possibly need, they will committ any act of immorality - cheat, lie and steal - with a dedication that is clearly unbalanced. They are criminal and they are insane and they are in charge of the world. No wonder we're in the mess we're in.

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