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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tories Revel In Corruption.

There has never been any doubt that the Tories are two-faced - one look at their last election manifesto demonstrates that quite conclusively - and that they are unbelievably brutal - their recent record in terms of the disabled is proof positive of how evil they can be. However, while their corruption is nothing short of legendary, their willingness to rub our noses in it is something new. This seems to be the result of two factors - the recession which they view as an opportunity to be as vicious as they've always wanted to be and a monumental arrogance that was always there but was carefully hidden. Today it has been revealed that Tory MP Nadine Dorries is helping herself to nearly £40,000 of taxpayers money in order to finance her daughter's education in, of all things, the law. While Phillipa Dorries is studying full-time at the BPP Law School in London it seems that she's also employed full-time as her mother's "office manager." A busy girl, apparently, who is certainly getting a first-rate education in plundering the public purse if nothing else. Meanwhile David Cameron has been busy rolling out the red carpet for any French businessmen who want to avoid paying taxes at home and is openly boasting about his project to turn Britain into a haven for tax avoiders. This, he explains with a smirk, helps Britain to become "more competative." How exactly? These French businessmen will not be bringing their businessess with them and they will not, by the very nature of their invitation to live here, be paying any tax to us. However, they can be expected to do what wealthy British tax avoiders do - "donate" to their benefactors, the Tory party. As a bonus it will also undermine the democratic choice of the French people to make wealthy Frenchmen pay their fair share in tax - two things that the Tories really hate, democracy and fairness.

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