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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Baroness Warsi In More Sleaze.

Baroness Warsi, who approaches every problem with an open mouth, has today been mired by further allegations of sleaze. These concern her business dealings with a spice company in which she owns the controlling shares and which she "neglected" to tell anyone about. Worse yet it seems her partner in the business, Abid Hussain, is a known associate of Hizb ut Tahrir, the radical Islamic group the Tories promised to ban while in opposition. Better yet she also took Mr.Hussain with her on an official trip to Pakistan where he met with Pakistani ministers. Sound familiar? It remains "unclear" if Baroness Warsi was paid for her directorship of the company in question - perhaps she took on the position for "charitable" reasons - but the parallels with the Liam Fox-Adam Werriry debacle are clear. Since the Coalition came to power the Tory co-Chairman, despite the fact that her main political focus should have been firmly in parliament, has been on no less than 17 junkets abroad, two of which were paid by the Saudi government and and one by an Azerbaijani expatriate. Eight others were paid for by you and me, while the other six are yet to be accounted for. We asked the Baroness for a statement; "I am unaware." After a pause our reporter asked her what she was "unaware" of. "Everything," she replied. "I am unaware that I'm supposed to declare my interests in business. Unaware that when I claim to have paid rent I should at least have actually paid it. I am also unaware of any associations that Mr.Hussain might have or what he was doing when I took him to Pakistan for reasons that remain wholly mysterious to me. I'd claim disability allowance for the early onset of dementia but we've already banned that. What were we talking about?"

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