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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tories Target Schools For Privatisation.

Something strange is happening to our schools. Good schools, many of them outstanding according to previous Ofsted reports, are now suddenly failing and are being threatened with "remedial" action. Many of them are now described by the government as "not as good as they appear" even as they continue to achieve exam results that are well above average. So what is going on? Many headteachers accuse the Ofsted inspectors of not being up to the job and point out that few of them have ever taught let alone headed up a large school. The truth, as usual with this government, is a little more subtle. Many of the inspectors are not employed directly by Ofsted but work for private companies being paid huge amounts of money in "consultancy" fees. They are busily undermining confidence in the best schools in order to soften them up for privatisation - cherry picking the best ahead of time and uninterested in those schools that cannot be turned into a quick profit. The same process is going on within the NHS where hospitals are being starved of funds in order to drive them into bankruptcy. Not content with stealing the NHS the Tories are also busily engaged in stealing our schools, stealing the futures of both old and young alike.

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