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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Osborne Borrows More To Fund Failure.

George Osborne, Britain's own village idiot, has managed to borrow more money and achieve less than any Chancellor in history. In May he borrowed over £17 billion in order to finance his wonton destruction of the economy and to bankroll Tory efforts to build a time machine that will return us all to the early 19th century. The economy is stuttering to a complete halt as he pours cholesterol into its arteries and grins with moronic glee as society disintegrates before his very eyes. Meanwhile the Tories are out in force today blaming Labour for the imminent collapse of the NHS and completely ignoring the money wasted by Andrew Lansley in his top-down reorganisation as he softens it up for privatisation. Cameron has shown quite clearly that Tory evil knows no bounds as he viciously attacks the young, the sick and the disabled while his idiotic mate, Osborne, deliberately sabotages the entire economy to give the PM the ammunition he needs to lie ever more effectively. How long is this utter madness to go on?

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