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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tories Lock In Inequality.

Oxfam has called for a "Robin Hood" tax today to tackle the increasing inequality in Britain and has described Tory policies as a "perfect storm" which threatens to take us back to the 19th century. Even when in work ordinary people are finding it impossible to maintain their living standards, while the rich are getting richer at their expense. As if to underline this George Osborne has called on business to lobby for lower taxes and to diseminate the propaganda that will enable them to be as selfish as they please. Meanwhile the "Sunday Times" has revealed that the Tory party has been in receipt of £83 million in "donations" from Britain's richest people. The equation is simple and stark - Tory party + "Donations" from the rich = Tax breaks for the rich. There is no hint from George Osborne that he has any interest at all in creating a Britain in which hard work is rewarded with increased life chances - that is to be reserved for the already wealthy where hard work is a phrase that is readily trotted out but rarely undertaken. Greedy executives who's idea of hard work is to order others to do it for them (something that George Osborne knows all about) will continue to be rewarded for failure while ordinary people will continue to labour for low wages while being denied services as their children are condemned to a progressive pauperism with no hope for a decent education, a place to live or even a job. In effect the Tories have broken the social contract that has underpinned all administrations since 1945 and which forms the basis of legitimate government in this country. They have foregone all claim to authority and thrown aside any shred of decency.

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