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Monday, 25 June 2012

Hospital Driven To Bankruptcy.

South London Healthcare is facing bankruptcy tonight after being deliberately starved of funds and exposed to market forces by the Tories. This is all the more surprising since it was, this year, a finalist in the Health Service Journal Efficiency Award. NHS hospitals were never designed to be profit-making and trying to make them so is a contradiction in terms. They were designed to offer free healthcare to taxpayers who would determine the level of healthcare they wanted by how much tax they were prepared to pay. How can that be made into a profit-making enterprise? It can't and that is why the Tories are determined to smash it, sell off the country's greatest surviving national asset and pocket the money. It is a scam, a breathtaking piece of daylight robbery perpetrated by the biggest bunch of criminals ever gathered under the roof of No.10 Downing Street. The NHS was the greatest achievement of the 20th century and was created at a time, after World War II, when this country was burdened by the greatest debt it has ever known. What kind of government is this that will move heaven and earth to prevent a bank from failing but will happily see a heathcare trust go bankrupt. The Tories have deliberately sabotaged the NHS, wasting millions on a top-down reorganisation that was not needed and succeeded only in putting millions into the hands of corporate "advisors." South London Healthcare has "debts" of £69 million - the banks have cost us hundreds of billions. The next time you fall ill what will you do? Call for your bank manager?

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