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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ian Duncan Smith Removes Right To Strike.

Ian Duncan Smith, having discovered a way to murder disbaled and sick people with impunity, has now developed a new scheme to take away worker's right to strike. Low paid workers who strike over pay and conditions will have their tax credits taken from them on the basis that "the country shouldn't have to pay for strike action." The truth, of course, is that it isn't - it is paying, and through the nose, to subsidise low wages. In true form this sorry excuse for a Minister and for a human being is blaming the victims of a system that allows the likes of him to rise to the top - as all scum does. This is a clear and unequivocal attack on ordinary people with no room for doubt as to what its aim is. This is class war pure and simple. What IDS doesn't seem to recognise is that once such a war is declared he will have to go down that road right to the end. IDS likes to compare himself to Jesus Christ. Is he deliberately inviting martyrdom or is he merely as stupid as he appears?

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