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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Evil Tory Ian Duncan Smith Still Pursuing The Disabled.

Ian Duncan Smith, the Darth Vader of the Tory party, is continuing his campaign against the disabled in the courts. His grubby attempt to discriminate against them in the amount they can claim in housing benefit was rightfully thrown out by the courts but he has now ordered the DWP to mount an appeal. His nasty little scheme involves reducing the money given to families with disabled children if they have a bedroom for a carer or if a disabled child cannot share a bedroom with a sibling. Duncan Smith, who once lied outrageously on his online CV in order to make himself seem better educated and more important than he actually is (the CV was paid for on expenses!), remains unrepentent insisting that his savage attack on disabled people is legitimate on the basis that he doesn't like paying tax. Meanwhile figures show conclusively that the rich have been dodging property taxes by the simple expedient of registering them as corporate assets. This scam is particularly prevalent in London and remains completely untouched by George Osbourne's budget measure in terms of stamp duty which was described at the time as a mere "token." As is usual in these matters the government has "come down on hard" on a loophole that has little effect while it completely ignores an abuse that costs ordinary taxpayers billions every year.

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