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Friday, 29 June 2012

Banks And MP's Still On The Fiddle.

Sir Mervyn King outlined for us all today what we already knew - that the banks have been taken over by a bunch of crminals and spivs. Not only have they been fraudulently manipulating interest rates, they have also been "selling" useless insurance policies to small companies seeking loans in a rerun of the PPI scam. These were the same people who, we were told, had to have huge bonuses to prevent them from leaving their jobs and going elsewhere. We should be so lucky. They are criminals, pure and simple, and should be in prison where they belong. That they are not is due to the fact that no government, with the exception of Iceland, has had the backbone to do the right thing. In Britain, however, there seems to be another reason why action has not been taken and that is the fact that many of our MP's and government ministers are crooks themselves. Remember the expenses scandal? Remember how contrite our MP's were, apologising, wringing their hands and begging for our forgiveness and understanding? It now turns out that the money they paid back was immediately claimed back by them in a secret deal brokered between themselves. Criminals overseeing the nefarious activities of other criminals? No wonder nothing was ever done. These are the activities of our "betters." People with an overwhelming sense of entitlement who make benefit scroungers look like rank amateurs and will pauperise the whole world in order to save a system that allows them to pursue their criminal careers. It is time to turn the whole lot of them out into the gutter where they belong.

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