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Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Stupid Still In Charge.

I have just been watching a Tory on the BBC show "The Big Questions" who stated in all seriousness that rich people getting richer does not make poor people poorer. He, like so many of the greedy and stupid people who have been running the world economy, refuse to understand that the "cake" is finite. Meanwhile "Which" magazine has felt that it is important to warn George Osborne not to back off on bank reform is the face of their ongoing scaremongering and propaganda. Why would they feel that they have to do that? The answer is supplied by the "MailOnline" which points out that Osbourne is the laziest and least well-informed Chancellor in living memory. He apparently doesn't like to talk about economics because he doesn't know much about it and feels that his underlings should do the actual work because he doesn't understand what work is. The recent budget is a case in point. Having cobbled together a partisan, deeply unfair and deeply flawed budget he has now spent the last few days and weeks reversing much of it as it became clear that many of his "policies" just couldn't be done. That is the problem when knee-jerk reaction is elevated to the level of policy. This government is illustrative of all that has been wrong with the world financial system over the last 30 years. The willfully blind have driven us over a cliff for their own selfish purposes and now want the willfully stupid to somehow rescue them from their own idiocy.

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