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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Private Sector Efficiency.

According to the Tories and other neoliberal morons throughout the world, it is a well known "fact" that private enterprise is more efficient than the public sector. The proof of this can be seen everywhere you look. How bad would the railways be if it wasn't for a whole bunch of people diverting money from services into private offshore banks for instance? How expensive would gas and electricity be if it wasn't for those same people siphoning off the profits into the those same offshore banks? How would the water companies have achieved water shortages in an island that is in a state of almost continual flooding? A clue might be seen in the latest scandal surrounding G4S. Highly paid executives, it turns out, had no idea that there would be a manpower shortage at the Olympics until a few days ago. Nor could they guarantee how many of the people they did manage to recruit and train could actually speak English. The security boss and executive in charge of stating the bleeding obvious at G4S, Nick Buckles, told the BBC that he had "underestimated the task of supplying staff to the Olympics". The reason for this is quite evident - he's an overpaid and incompetent twat. And that is where the neoliberal belief in the efficiency of the private sector falls short - it fails to take into account the sheer idiocy of executives whose only ineterest in life is getting their hands on as much easy money as possible. Greed is not good, it is simply a character flaw and is usually accompanied by other flaws such as stupidity and arrogance. In short neoliberalism is a simple theory that appeals only to simpletons and nowhere will you find a greater concentration of simpletons than in the Tory party.

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