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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Global Elite No Better Than Criminals.

Thirty years ago a group of greedy people managed to sell the idea that allowing them to steal the world's wealth was a really, really good idea. The idea was diseminated by people like Margaret Thatcher with a few simple nostrums such as national economies being like household budgets and a whole raft of incredible assumptions such as "trickle down." The result of this confidence trick is now evident after thirty years of sheer criminality by the global elite. Something bewteen 21 and 32 trillion dollars has been hidden away by a bunch of madmen who collect wealth like some people collect beer mats. They are clearly insane since this money has no real function and only exists for the greedy to gloat over. They have all but destroyed the world economy in their quest for more and more and have created a society that is so unequal that it threatens to collapse into revilution. Caught out and exposed for all to see their first reaction was to pretend it wasn't true, then they urged us to punish ourselves for their crimes and now they're urging us all to move on and forget what happened in the past as if it isn't still going on. These people are destroying our future and the future of our childfren. They are criminals pure and simple driven insane by greed and, despite their claims to world leadership, they suffer from a devastating lack of character. People like Cameron and George Osborne in Britain and Mitt Romney in the USA are the standard bearers for more of the same while opposition to it is all too often shackled by a need to appease the very criminals who caused the problem in the first place. The system is broken and cannot be repaired and we need to sweep it away and start again.

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