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Thursday, 26 July 2012

George Osborne And The Art Of Self Harm

George Osborne has been famously described as a man "educated beyond his intelligence" - like many in Britain's government who have had the benefit of a very expensive private education that teaches them how to take advantage of their privileged position and very little else. Osborne has staked his reputation on an ideological piece of nonsense that suggets that the private sector has been "crowded out" by a bloated public sector and that butchering the public sector will allow the private sector to flourish. This makes about as much sense as someone entering an arse kicking contest and hacking off their own left leg as part of the training regime. And, as the latest economic figures amply demonstrate, it hasn't worked. The reason is so simple that you would think that even Osborne might understand it. Butchering the public sector, throwing thousands out of work and making people afraid for the future has killed demand in the economy and removed the necessary conditions for the private sector to flourish. Panicked by the figures David Cameron appeared on the BBC today to remind everyone that this is all the fault of the Labour party - an excuse that is as false as it is threadbare - and to portray his belated conversion to Keynsian economics as a brand new idea that he's invented all by himself and for the first time. What he was actually saying is that the last two years have been a ghastly mistake but that we should all forget what he and his disasterous Chancellor have been doing and concentrate on the wonderful job they will do for the next two years. In a country with a huge housing shortage and a building industry visbly shrivelling away you would think that the answer would be obvious. And so it would be to any politician with one working brain cell - after all we've just spent £24 billion so that people across the world can watch other people running, jumping and throwing things. BUILD HOUSING YOU MORON!!!!!!!

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