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Monday, 16 July 2012

Should Cameron Be Tried For Treason?

Treason is the betrayal of one's country. It is a crime that is sometimes perpetrated for monetary gain and sometimes out of ideological conviction. Whatever the reason it is deliberate damage inflicted on the perpetrator's own country with a view to undermining it and delivering it into the hands of it's enemies. But betraying a country is rather a abstract concept, after all how can a few million acres of real estate be betrayed? What the term actually means, of course, is the betrayal of the people in that country. David Cameron has deliberately betrayed the people of this country and has inflicted real harm on them for both ideological reasons and for monetary gain. He is deliberately dismantling the state, created by us the people over the last 100 years, in order to fund tax cuts for himself and his rich pals. This has been accompanied by a deliberate campaign to turn us against each other, encouraging real conflict with the very real danger that is could lead to actual violence in our society. There is nothing in this for the ordinary man except for insecurity, poverty and the loss of any hope in the future. Sucide rates are soaring, while the economy is being destroyed to bring us to heel through unemployment and shrinking wages and to benefit the already wealthy. Our healthcare, police forces, benefit system, utilities and education are being outsourced to private enterprise so they can pocket tax payers money while dodging it themselves. All of this has been achieved by a so-called government with no majority and no mandate. In terms of betryal what could be more treasonous than this? We are the country and we are betrayed.

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