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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tories Rob The Poor To Pay The Rich

Despite all evidence to the contrary Chris Grayling, pictured above, is still insisting that his pogrom against the sick and disabled is justified. A man who stole £127,000 of taxpayers money by fiddling his expenses has the sheer brass neck to accuse others of being "scroungers." Meanwhile homelessness has risen by 25% in the last three years and income levels for ordinary people have fallen to the lowest level since early 2005. There can be no doubt that austerity is beginning to bite - for the poorest people in our society at any rate. And what is the result of all this? Has our deficit fallen? No it has increased. Is our economy beginning to recover? No, and our double-dip recession is now tipped to be a triple-dip recession next year. And, just to add insult to injury and despite Tory promises that it wouldn't happen, top Civil Servants at the Treasury have been handed £1 million in bonuses for simply doing their job. Coupled with George Osborne's tax break for the richest in the country there can no longer be any doubt that the Tories are determined that the poor will pay for a recession that they themselves have engineered. No wonder they're not overly concerned about the economy - it makes no difference to them one way or the other. Their concerns are only tangentially concerned with the economy. Their real concern is to roll back all the progress that working people have made at the last 150 years and recreate the gross inequalities they love so much. For them the age of progress is over and its now time for them to once more sink their fangs into the country like the bloodsuckers they are.

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