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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Murdoch Plans His Revenge.

It has long been obvious that Rupert Murdoch does not like Britain and has nothing but contempt for the British - especially the country's governments. Judging everyone by his own low standards he has always supported those he sees as a possible ally in his bid to inflict damage on this country. A staunch supporter of the Tories when they could serve his purpose of destroying the print unions and leaving him free to bring the tabloids he owned down to ever lower levels, he switched when Tony Blair hoved into view and promised to replace the basically decent John Major as PM. Two years ago he threw his weight behind David Cameron, recognising a plausible, two-faced conman when he saw one. Now that Cameron has failed to live up to Murdoch's hope that the PM would protect him during the Leveson Enquiry he has switched his support to Boris Johnson. Boris, for his part, has been visbly fawning on the odious old man and has invited him to the Olympics as his guest. Murdoch is rubbing his hands together - hoping to replace a moron, Cameron, with a buffoon, Boris. The only question that remains is will the British people be so stupid as to even countenance Boris Johnson as Prime Minister?

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