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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Tories Contine Campaign Of Thievery.

Under the cover offered by the Olympics the Tories are putting their campaign to steal the country from its real owners up a gear. Serco, a leading private enterprise company that has interests in anything where there's money for old rope and has a global income of £4 billion, is bidding for several lucrative contracts made available by Cameron's "Big Society." Originally pitched as a means for charities to take over the functions of the state, the "Big Society" has now morphed into an opportunity for private companies to pocket taxpayer's money for doing as little as possible. Serco is particularly interested in the "National Citizen Service" - a kind of national service which will have young people doing work for nothing. Serco are quite understandbly slavering over the prospect of contracts that will return millions while having to pay absolutely nothing in terms of wages. Such a deal is a cost-cutters wet dream. Meanwhile real charities, who lack the resources of multi-million pound international corporations, are being elbowed aside. The Tories have also managed to side-step a possibly limiting factor when it comes to the sale of the NHS. They have put to one side the requirement for those holding top positions in the NHS to be "fit and proper persons." Learning from their mistake over Rupert Murdoch, who now hasn't a cat in hell's chance of getting his gubby fingers on the rest of BSkyB, they have effectively opened the door for the known criminals who generally operate multi-national companies. The regulator charged with overseeing this theft of our greatest national asset has, in addition, been told to conduct themselves with a "light touch" and rely on "self-certification." In other words the NHS will be opened to the predatory attentions of various criminal elements who will be able to regulate themselves. Well, since it worked so well with the banks, why not?

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