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Saturday, 4 August 2012

British Economic Recovery Destroyed By Osborne.

With the BBC now a "no news zone" for the duration of the Olympics and with their natural aversion to reporting bad news of any kind about the sleazy Tory regime, it has nevertheless emerged that the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) see George Osborne as a disaster for Britain. His policies, the NIESR point out, will cost the country "a total of 16.5% in GDP growth over a decade", and that "the recession in 2012 could have been avoided had fiscal tightening measures been delayed". In other words the present recession was made in Downing Street by two men, David Cameron and George Osborne, who are not fit for the positions they hold. What they have done is completely moronic and is the result of ideological thinking that has no foundation whatsoever in reality. But, as the "News in Shorts" has pointed out before, what they are doing is only tangentially about the economy. Both are millionaires and, by training and education, they are both completely disconnected from the rest of us. What they want is to dismantle the state because they choose to believe, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that the private sector can do a cheaper and better job. Yet, as the debacle over G4S demonstrated, they cannot seriously believe that the private sector is capable of rising to the challenge. It is, therefore, all about the private sector being "cheaper." Not for you and me of course - we will continue to pay through the nose for indifferent service from the private sector and our wages will continue to decline as they desperately cut their costs. It will only be cheaper for the wealthy who will use this deeply flawed economic model as a thin excuse to cut taxes for themselves. This recession is probably the first in history to be entirely manufactured for ideological reasons with one goal and one goal only - to further feather the nests of the very people who caused it all in the first place.

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