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Friday, 10 August 2012

Tory Dingbats Come Up With Another Stupid Idea.

Tory thinking seems to be in freefall with the "nasty party" quickly morphing into the "downright evil party" and in imminent danger of becoming a parody of itself. Regarding the present recession as a God-given opportunity to indulge all of their most insane fantasies they have made a full-frontal assault on the rest of the country, determined to lay waste to both society and economy alike or die in the attempt. They resemble nothing so much as the Light Brigade, charging the blazing guns because they are just too stupid to do anything else. Their latest idea, turning HM Prisons into call centres simply beggars belief. The idea that using slave labour, creating even more unemployment and even less demand in the economy, will somehow improve the economic situation is simply plain bonkers and amply demonstrates what the Tories actually are - economically ignorant and dangerous madmen who really need to be locked up for the good of us all. They truly are donkeys led by other donkeys.

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