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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cameron Tries To Cash Olympic Cheque.

David Cameron has hailed the Olympic fortnight as a "Golden Summer" for Britain and has claimed that its all because of John Major. The connection, he claims, is the National Lottery which was originally created by the Major government to encourage poor people to tax themselves and has apparently poured millions into sport. The truth, as always with the sleazy Tories, is of course very different. Despite the huge building programme in the lead up to the Olympics over six thousand building firms have gone bust in the last two years. Despite all the empty promises local small businesses have been shut out of the games which is the preserve of multi-national companies only. The promise of a tourism boost for Britain has not materialised. In fact, because of the riots last summer and the security debacle over G4S, tourism has actually slumped to an all-time low - especially in London. Then there is the total rubbish that Cameron and his Tory pickpocket pals have talked about the "health dividend" that the Olympics will bequeath to Britain. While they celebrate gold medals in elite sporting events such as dressage and sailing, they have been busy flogging off school sports fields to their wealthy property speculating mates. The Tory strategy, it would seem, is to encourage young people in Britain to stop thinking in terms of football and running events and to think more in terms of buying a horse and joining the local hunt or buying a yacht and sailing at Cowes. Elitist to their very core the Tories are determined to shut out the common people from every aspect of British life and turn the entire country into a playground for the rich and privileged.

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