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Friday, 10 August 2012

BUPA Whinges While Cameron Lies To A Woman With Cancer.

A couple of days ago David Cameron was squirming in the LBC radio studio as a woman caller cried and begged the Prime Minister for help in her fight against cancer. All she got was a direct lie from the PM who told the distressed woman that government spending on the NHS had increased when the truth is that it has fallen for the last two years. While 4,500 nursing jobs have been lost in the NHS Cameron told the woman that an increase in overseas aid had "probably" saved three million children in Africa. That, too, is a lie and is nothing more than a crude estimation based on the money being spent. It makes no account for the billions in aid that is stolen by corrupt African officials who feather their own nests and buy guns for their "supporters." Meanwhile BUPA has been whinging that their health insurance products are becoming unaffordable because of inefficiency in the NHS. In a thinly veiled attack, what BUPA was hinting is that even more doctors and nurses should be sacked and that more hospitals should be privatised. Pretending that there is not enough "competition" in healthcare, and casting envious eyes at the railways and utility companies, they are calling for even less of it so they can benefit from a captive market. Essentially this government is deliberately killing people in Britain and using this as an excuse for further privatisation of healthcare in a breathtaking piece of circular reasoning and spin. Not content with theft from the public purse, the Tory party is now murdering people for money.


  1. He is a murdering lying bastard and we MUST get rid of him now.

  2. Curiously enough, I think the ONLY people in Britain who are even the tiniest little bit surprised that this government, like its US counterpart, revels in the act of mass murder for profit, are those folks who voted for the Lib Dems two years ago.

    Those of us on the Left of British politics, who voted for the Labour Party despite many notable grievances over things like tuition fees etc., all fully expected people to be killed for money if Cameron and his party got in, because that's what Tories have demonstrably done since Thatcher became leader. A desperate hope of preventing these profitable murders is precisely why we voted the way we did.

    And of course, those who voted FOR the Tories expected it too. It's WHY THEY voted for Cameron. It's what they WANTED.

    But it's come as a bit of a shock to a lot of Lim Dem voters so it seems. Especially those who were formerly traditional LABOUR voters, but who wanted to express a 'protest'. If it hadn't been for the stultifying lack of awareness on the part of these disgruntled folk, we'd have been spared these moral(well, IMmoral) attrocities.

    What confounds things even more so(but come as no surprise either) is that, having been foolish enough to drag the Tories across the finishing line to afford a coalition majority, the Lib Dems have been repaid the sum total of fuck all for their troubles, and will probably look back on this term in office as their party's darkest hour...

    ...all except for Clegg that is. Like all good murderers, he's laughing all the way to the bank and flicking the British elctorate in general, and his party members and supporters in particular, the most aggressive and contempt-filled v-signs ever gestured since the British Archers gloated at the routed French of Agincourt.

    I think I hate HIM more than I hate Cameron... though it's a damned close call.

  3. Where are the lawyers keeping detailed records of all the government's atrocities, ready to bring the guilty to court for breaches of human rights?

  4. It is seemingly not illegal for the Tory ratbags to commit vile crimes against humanity. They are, after all, the Master race!