The News In Shorts

How the news would look if everyone stopped waffling and told the truth.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Vermin Control And Tax Dodgers.

Westminster, it transpires, spends £1,500 of taxpayers money every week on vermin control and yet there are just as many Tories there as there was last month and the month before. It would seem that the vermin controllers need their own watchdog - Ofverm, Ofrat or, more appropriately, Oftory perhaps. Imagine what it would be like in The House of Commons if rats were sponsored by tax-dodging corporations like the Tories are - the place would soon be overrun with them, as it is overrun with Tories. It certainly explains why there are so many Tories in political parties other than the Conservatives, why there has been a definite lack of socialism in the Labour party or liberalism in the Liberal Democrats over the last couple of decades. £1,500 per week does seem a rather large amount of money when compared to the zero effort put into bringing tax-dodging corporations to heel but, since they bribe the Tories (of all parties) to turn a blind eye this is hardly surprising. Not that George Osborne needs much persuading - his own family business has made over £200 million in profits over the last seven years and yet has payed nothing - that's right zero, zilch, nowt - in tax. This is what happens when vermin control is put into the hands of a rat. Can anything be done? Well, we could try catching all the Westminster vermin in a huge trap, putting large amounts of cash in them as bait. We could also tell the large corporations that, if they don't pay tax, then they will not be allowed to trade here in the UK. Many would pick up their skirts and run for the hills I'm sure, but homegrown companies might then step in creating a few more jobs while they are at it. We could also shut down the largely British-owned offshore tax havens like Jersey, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. But then where would the likes of George Osborne hide his money from the rest of us?

Sunday, 24 January 2016

London Welcomes The Scum Of The Earth.

Why does Google pay no tax in Britain? Why are criminal bankers immune to prosecution and continue to hold court in London. How can Putin murder someone in London using a radioactive poison and get away with it? How can Saudi's bring slaves into Britain with impunity? How can highly-placed paedophiles escape prosecution until they are safely dead and beyond what passes for justice in Britain? Why has central London become a no-go zone for the British poor? Property prices have now reached into the stratosphere and rents are unaffordable even for middling millionaires. Money is the key to all of this of course, that and the utter selfishness that has now become a mainstream political philosophy. When the superrich ghetto that has been created in London is questioned the answer is always the same - they are bringing investment in Britain. They suggest that this means jobs for the rest of us and a more secure economic future, that these people are "wealth creators". In fact they are no such thing. They bring money into Britain because they can avoid paying tax here. The only real investment they make is in property, driving prices up to ridiculous heights that only they and their other rich pals can afford and pushing the indigenous population to the outer fringes. They don't create wealth, they steal it from the rest of us and then hang onto it for grim death. Central London is awash with crime, from state-sponsored murder to people traffiking, fraud and money-laundering. All this is overseen by the political arm of organised crime in Britain, the Tory party. To subsidize this colonization by the scum of the Earth the poor are further impoverished, the sick and disabled are persecuted and the weak are bullied. Meanwhile, eager to share in the spoils of all this criminal activity, David Cameron buys himself an executive jet while his cabinet spend more time managing their inner-London property portfolios and avoiding tax than managing their departments of state. Democracy no longer exists in Britain, it has been replaced by an oligarchy who count 37% of the vote as an "overwhelming mandate" and regard the rest of the country as an adjunct of the City - a place beyond the walls they are erecting around themselves where the servant class are allowed to live. It is tempting to say that Britain deserves better than this but, in truth, it doesn't. Any people who will stand by and watch the crime wave that has now taken over from politics in this country and do nothing about it doesn't deserve any better. I have often heard people talk of the Nazi regime in Germany and ask why ordinary Germans didn't do something to stop it. Well we now have our answer - look at your neighbours and then take a long hard look at yourself.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tories Keep A Low Profile.

In the wake of the junior doctors strike there has been a curious lack of comment by the government. Only Boris Johnson, the party buffoon, has so far made any substantive comment and that so ludicrously partisan that it was hardly worth listening to. Jeremy Hunt, caught on his own million pound doorstep, had little to say and no other Tory Minister or MP has anything to say at all. The BBC have suggested this is because Ministers are loath to appear in the same studio as junior doctors and be unable to defend their indefensible position. The truth is much simpler. All bullies are cowards and no bully is more cowardly than a Tory bully. That is why they pick on the most vulnerable in our society, the sick, the disabled, the homeless and the unemployed. Faced with any real resistance to their vile policies they suddenly disappear, cowering in their off-planet shelters hoping that the BBC, the Daily Mail and the Telegraph will do their nasty work for them.

Why Corbyn's Economic Policy Makes Sense.

Let us first consider a few statements made by the psychopaths who run the Tory party. David Cameron asks us to believe that there is no connection between increasing poverty and cuts to the benefit system. Iain Duncan Smith assures us that there is no connection between benefit sanctions and the suicide of those left destitute by those sanctions. Boris Johnson tells us that today's junior doctor's strike is because they are 'in the grip of advanced Corbynitis'. Jeremy Hunt tells us that the NHS, amidst its worst crisis in 60 years, is "safe" in his hands. The one thing that connects all of these statements together is that they are all obvious falsehoods, pedaled by cheap crooks who are seeking only to reward themselves with nice juicy tax cuts. These people, together with several Tories inside the Labour Party, also tell us that Jeremy Corbyn's economic plans will lead to economic meltdown, that Corbyn is an economic illiterate and that his policies are too left-wing. So how does this square with a letter written by 41 leading economists, including a former adviser to the Bank of England? “The accusation is widely made that Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters have moved to the extreme left on economic policy. But this is not supported by the candidate’s statements or policies. His opposition to austerity is actually mainstream economics, even backed by the conservative IMF. He aims to boost growth and prosperity. Despite the barrage of media coverage to the contrary, it is the current government’s policy and its objectives which are extreme. The attempt to produce a balanced public sector budget primarily through cuts to spending failed in the previous parliament. Increasing child poverty and cutting support for the most vulnerable is unjustifiable. Cutting government investment in the name of prudence is wrong because it prevents growth, innovation and productivity increases which are all much needed by our economy, and so over time increases the debt due to lower tax receipts. We the undersigned are not all supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. But we hope to clarify just where the ‘extremism’ lies in the current economic debate." So who should we believe? A bunch of self-seeking, greedy, selfish crooks or people who actually know what they are talking about?

Monday, 11 January 2016

Tories Lecture The Plebs On Raising Children.

The Prime Minister has decided that the time is right to lecture us all on child rearing since we obviously aren't very good at it. In fact we are so bad that he believes, after knocking down working-class housing estates and replacing them with "affordable housing" that only millionaires can afford, we should all be permanently tutored in how to do it. This from a man who spent his time at school indulging in bizarre initiation rituals, smoking pot and snorting cocaine, trashing restaurants and pubs and burning fifty pound notes in front of homeless people. He is obviously speaking from experience since his parents must have been utter rubbish at child rearing. What Cameron has failed to say is that his comments refer only to ordinary people and not the psychopaths that make up the ruling elite in Britain. Essentially he is telling us that we should all do as our "betters" tell us while the authoritarian and draconian rules he would like to impose on us don't apply to him and his privileged pals. At the same time he is telling us that poverty will disappear overnight if we would simply do as we are bid while earning a decent wage has absolutely nothing to do with it. People suffering from cancer whose benefits are cut, single people being taxed for having the sheer nerve to have more than one bedroom and the disabled who simply refuse to do their civic duty and commit suicide would all benefit, Cameron lectures us, from having a nice, dutiful and obedient family. Essentially this is nothing more than than the authoritarian, paternalistic drivel which the Tories excel in. Poverty is not caused by "bad" families. It is caused by inequality and the low wage economy that the Tories want to foist on the rest of us in order to finance nice fat tax cuts for themselves. Cameron's idiotic ranting is simply another extension of the Tory narrative that tells us the poor are poor because they deserve it and that greed and selfishness are virtues. Instead of this nonsense he would be better occupied raising living standards instead of depressing them and building decent housing instead of handing us all over to slum landlords.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Tories Xmas Gift To The Bankers.

Having used the New Year's Honours List to reward their rich mates for being rich the Tories have decided to round off the year by giving their banking mates a "get out of jail free" card. Only six months ago George Osborne sacked Martin Wheatley as head of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) because bankers thought that he was too effective and was preventing them from committing the new crimes they had thought up since 2008. Now Osborne has effectively neutralised the FCA by stopping them from investigating the culture, pay and behaviour of banking executives. Having bankrupted the entire world economy and having persuaded governments across the world to make the poor pay for their costly crime wave, the banks have now persuaded the Tories to let them off the hook completely - not that the Tories needed much persuasion. Britain is now officially one of the most corrupt countries in the world, a tin-pot dictatorship supported by largely fictional economic data provided by criminal banks and bankrolled by those same criminal elements out of the taxpayers money stolen from ordinary people since 2008. Nothing could show more effectively that the Tory party is nothing more than the political arm of organised crime and that anyone who votes Tory is nothing more than an accesory to crime after the fact.