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Monday, 11 January 2016

Tories Lecture The Plebs On Raising Children.

The Prime Minister has decided that the time is right to lecture us all on child rearing since we obviously aren't very good at it. In fact we are so bad that he believes, after knocking down working-class housing estates and replacing them with "affordable housing" that only millionaires can afford, we should all be permanently tutored in how to do it. This from a man who spent his time at school indulging in bizarre initiation rituals, smoking pot and snorting cocaine, trashing restaurants and pubs and burning fifty pound notes in front of homeless people. He is obviously speaking from experience since his parents must have been utter rubbish at child rearing. What Cameron has failed to say is that his comments refer only to ordinary people and not the psychopaths that make up the ruling elite in Britain. Essentially he is telling us that we should all do as our "betters" tell us while the authoritarian and draconian rules he would like to impose on us don't apply to him and his privileged pals. At the same time he is telling us that poverty will disappear overnight if we would simply do as we are bid while earning a decent wage has absolutely nothing to do with it. People suffering from cancer whose benefits are cut, single people being taxed for having the sheer nerve to have more than one bedroom and the disabled who simply refuse to do their civic duty and commit suicide would all benefit, Cameron lectures us, from having a nice, dutiful and obedient family. Essentially this is nothing more than than the authoritarian, paternalistic drivel which the Tories excel in. Poverty is not caused by "bad" families. It is caused by inequality and the low wage economy that the Tories want to foist on the rest of us in order to finance nice fat tax cuts for themselves. Cameron's idiotic ranting is simply another extension of the Tory narrative that tells us the poor are poor because they deserve it and that greed and selfishness are virtues. Instead of this nonsense he would be better occupied raising living standards instead of depressing them and building decent housing instead of handing us all over to slum landlords.

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