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Sunday, 24 January 2016

London Welcomes The Scum Of The Earth.

Why does Google pay no tax in Britain? Why are criminal bankers immune to prosecution and continue to hold court in London. How can Putin murder someone in London using a radioactive poison and get away with it? How can Saudi's bring slaves into Britain with impunity? How can highly-placed paedophiles escape prosecution until they are safely dead and beyond what passes for justice in Britain? Why has central London become a no-go zone for the British poor? Property prices have now reached into the stratosphere and rents are unaffordable even for middling millionaires. Money is the key to all of this of course, that and the utter selfishness that has now become a mainstream political philosophy. When the superrich ghetto that has been created in London is questioned the answer is always the same - they are bringing investment in Britain. They suggest that this means jobs for the rest of us and a more secure economic future, that these people are "wealth creators". In fact they are no such thing. They bring money into Britain because they can avoid paying tax here. The only real investment they make is in property, driving prices up to ridiculous heights that only they and their other rich pals can afford and pushing the indigenous population to the outer fringes. They don't create wealth, they steal it from the rest of us and then hang onto it for grim death. Central London is awash with crime, from state-sponsored murder to people traffiking, fraud and money-laundering. All this is overseen by the political arm of organised crime in Britain, the Tory party. To subsidize this colonization by the scum of the Earth the poor are further impoverished, the sick and disabled are persecuted and the weak are bullied. Meanwhile, eager to share in the spoils of all this criminal activity, David Cameron buys himself an executive jet while his cabinet spend more time managing their inner-London property portfolios and avoiding tax than managing their departments of state. Democracy no longer exists in Britain, it has been replaced by an oligarchy who count 37% of the vote as an "overwhelming mandate" and regard the rest of the country as an adjunct of the City - a place beyond the walls they are erecting around themselves where the servant class are allowed to live. It is tempting to say that Britain deserves better than this but, in truth, it doesn't. Any people who will stand by and watch the crime wave that has now taken over from politics in this country and do nothing about it doesn't deserve any better. I have often heard people talk of the Nazi regime in Germany and ask why ordinary Germans didn't do something to stop it. Well we now have our answer - look at your neighbours and then take a long hard look at yourself.

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