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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tories Keep A Low Profile.

In the wake of the junior doctors strike there has been a curious lack of comment by the government. Only Boris Johnson, the party buffoon, has so far made any substantive comment and that so ludicrously partisan that it was hardly worth listening to. Jeremy Hunt, caught on his own million pound doorstep, had little to say and no other Tory Minister or MP has anything to say at all. The BBC have suggested this is because Ministers are loath to appear in the same studio as junior doctors and be unable to defend their indefensible position. The truth is much simpler. All bullies are cowards and no bully is more cowardly than a Tory bully. That is why they pick on the most vulnerable in our society, the sick, the disabled, the homeless and the unemployed. Faced with any real resistance to their vile policies they suddenly disappear, cowering in their off-planet shelters hoping that the BBC, the Daily Mail and the Telegraph will do their nasty work for them.

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