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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Iain Duncan Smith: "I Defrauded The Benefit System."

Iain Duncan Smith, the most successful scrounger in Britain today, has admitted in writing that he once defrauded the benefit system. Claiming that he lived illegally in a bedsit with his wife when he was unemployed, it seems it didn't occur to him that this must also mean that he hadn't declared her income when he made his claim. While we are supposed to believe that he lived on the breadline while married to the daughter of a Lord, he is also telling us all that the only way to survive a Tory government is by lying and defrauding the state. No wonder he's so obsessed with benefit fraud - he knows all about it. It would seem then that IDS was no stranger to larceny when he plundered the public purse to pay his wife as his "Diary Secretary" when he was leader of the Tory party. Not only is he a thief and a serial fraudster, he is also terminally stupid. While this is about par for the course for a Tory, you have to wonder how long it will be until Cameron "reluctantly" accepts his resignation. And, after that, can we look forward to his prosecution for benefit fraud?

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