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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Why The Tories Think They Must Govern.

Liberty is a slippery thing it would seem. It is especially so if you happen to suffer from Toryism. To a Tory freedom is about being free to be as greedy as you like. Rich people have to be free - poor people have to be "governed". There has been much talk this week because of the death of Margaret Thatcher that Britain was becoming "ungovernable" in the 1970's. What the Tories mean by this, apparently, is that ordinary working people were becoming far too vocal in their demands to be treated with respect. This was bad for two reasons. First it meant that the Tories, always in love with their own voices, were finding it increasingly difficult to dominate all discussion and debate. Secondly, being treated with respect meant that ordinary people might get paid what they are worth for the jobs they do. This was bad for business. Company executives and shareholders were finding it increasingly difficult to get their hands on as much money as possible and it had to stop. Thatcher, therefore, decided to smash the Unions, set Britain "free" and make it "governable" once again. And it all went swimmingly. The Unions were smashed. Wages were forced down. Prices were forced up. Public industries were stolen from the people and given to various corporate criminals. Britain became "governable" once more. Now it is the corporate world that is ungovernable and you would think, therefore, that the government would take action to bring it to heel again. Unfortunately not. When Tories talk about Britain being "ungovernable" they mean that ordinary people have to lose their freedom so that the Tories and their mates can be free to steal, scrounge and appropriate whatever they can get their sticky fingers on. Business for them cannot be "ungovernable" because rich people have a divine right to be as nasty and vicious as they like. You only have to look at Margaret Thatcher and her unspeakable family to see that business is business and why it is important to them that you must be "governed". Now the rich are free and the poor are once again being governed while the economy, starved of the demand it needs to thrive, is plumbing new depths. So the next time a Tory starts pontificating about "freedom" you'll know what he or she are actually talking about.

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