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Monday, 1 April 2013

The Tories Create A Wasteland And Call It "Fair".

The three men pictured above - Iain Duncan Smith, David Cameron and Gideon (George) Osborne - are paid from the public purse, pay as little tax as possible, live in houses paid for by you and me, claim for food, mortgages, booze, utilities, furniture and even Sky TV on their expenses. By any definition of the word these men are scroungers of breathtaking ability. Today these men have begun a pogrom against the poor hiding behind a slogan that equates the word "fair" with the word "wealthy." If you are wealthy, like them, and are dedictaed to scrounging from the state you are protected. If you are poor and forced to live off benefits even when you have a job you will be thrown to the wolves. If you are wealthy like HM Queen, live off the state and have thousands of spare bedrooms you will remain untouched. If you are an MP and have a two-bedroomed apartment in London paid for by you and me you will remain untouched. If you are widow whose children have left home, you will have your housing benefit cut and, if you can't make up the difference, you will be thrown onto the street. If you have a dialysis machine in a spare bedroom to keep you alive, you will have your benefits cut and, if you can't pay, you and your machine will be thrown onto the street. If you are a millionaire, especially if you bankroll the Tory party, you will get a tax cut today worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and, if you are a banker, you will be allowed to plunder the business for "bonuses". But if you have the sheer cheek to work in a low paid job, courtesy of the "flexible workforce" laws in Britain, you will see your tax credits cut while your tax bill, levied indirectly through the price of petrol, utilities and the new "bedroom tax", are all set to rise. This is the true face of "We're all in this together." This is the true face of Cameron's "Big Society". This is the Tory definition of "fair". They will see people in this country starve even as they put their hand in the till and fill their bottomless pockets with public money. They are scroungers, pure and simple.

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