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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Neoliberalism Is Dead! Long Live Neoliberalism!

Neoliberalism is as dead as Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. It died when the banks collpased in 2008, taking the world economy with them. After 30 years of pass the parcel, profits that never existed and a property bubble based on bad debt, the whole rotten edifice that the greedy, the smug, the self-satisfed and the idiotic had erected for their own benefit came crashing down. The truth of that was self-evident - everyone could see it and you had to be a fool not see what it all meant. In Iceland the people staged a democratic revolution, arrested the bankers and their poliical allies, told the IMF to go spin on it, created a new constitution and then set about rebuilding their shattered country and economy. In Britain the greedy, the smug, the self-satisfied and the idiotic managed, with the help of a turncoat LibDem party, to slip through the back door of 10 Downing Street and seize the reins of power. Looking at the lessons that the crash of 2008 taught us, David Cameron and George Osborne decided that the best thing to do was to recreate the whole rotten thing all over again and, what's more, they decided that the poor should pay for it so the wealthy could keep their offshore bank accounts safe. The utter insanity of this soon became evident and it wasn't long before even the IMF was calling on Osborne to ease austerity. Every policy that the Tories have inflicted on the country since 2010 have been specifically designed to protect the wealthy against the consequencies of their own greed and stupidity. Every policy has been designed to make the poor pay for their mistakes. The truth of this is glaringly obvious when Osborne's plan for reviving the mortgage market is scrutinised. It is designed to recreate the property bubble that got us into this mess int the first place. It is designed to increase house prices and does nothing to aid first time buyers. A one-eyed moron can see that the way to get Britain out of recession is to build affordable housing so that supply catches up with demand and prices fall to a point where first-time buyers can afford them once again. Cameron and Osborne are not morons - they are simply greedy, smug and self-satisfied while their blindness is entirely willful. What is undeniably plain is that this country needs more of the same like it needs a hole in its collective head and needs Cameron and Osborne like it needs the Plague.

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