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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Thatcher Insults The Country One Final Time.

Some of you may have noticed that Margaret Thatcher died this week. The Tories immediately turned to plan B which involved rewriting history, loud claims that she "saved the nation", ignoring all evidence that she was widely loathed and demanding that everyone should show respect. Unfortunately respect for others, alive or dead, was not one of Margaret Thatcher's strongest attributes and it's something that the present Tory party has no concept of at all. The criticism that has been heaped upon her was certainly no worse than that heaped on Michael Foot by the Tories when he died. Despite this various dough-faced Tories have lectured us all that her memory should be respected on the basis that she was a "conviction politician." So was Bin Laden. Can you imagine defending him on the basis that "you might not agree with his policies, but you have to respect his achievements"? Having been told that she saved the nation from - well us basically - do the Tories really believe that we should celebrate the growing divide between the haves and the have nots that she so assiduoulsy encouraged? It was she who set the bankers free to rob us all, privatised publicly-owned industries so they could pick our pockets and gave us the freedom to be as poor as she wanted us to be. Now, as a final insult to the people of Britain, we find out that her £6 million mansion in London was actually owned by a shadowy off-shore company and that, therefore, there will be no inheritance tax to pay. What else could we expect? It is a mean and shabby end to a mean and shabby life.

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