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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tories Load The Dice.

There is nothing a Tory enjoys more than humiliating those less fortunate than themselves. For the Bullingdon Boys there was nothing more uplifting and satisfying than burning fifty pound notes in front of homeless people. Turning their worst instincts to fund tax cuts for themselves is, therefore, a natural progression for them and if they can make it sound trendy and scientific at the same time so much the better. That is the basis of their latest wheeze - making the unemployed take psychometric tests. No better than astrology or phrenology, psychometric testing is mumbo-jumbo - pseudo-science of the worst kind on a par with that other trendy corporate nonsense, graphology. The unemployed are also told to investigate the "ethos" of companies they might wish to apply to for employment. For those with above average intelligence this is a fairly simple exercise. All you have to do is read the company's mission statement, the corporate sound-bite thought up by the marketing department to give the illusion that they have a soul. Unfortunately many unemployed people never had the benefit of a private education, never attended Oxford, Cambridge or any other university and rarely consider the "ethos" of the company that they are applying to for a shelf-stacking job. Essentially the unemployed are being divided into two groups, with those not middle-class enough to deserve help being ritually humiliated before being deprived of any state support at all. The Tory party prefaced this nasty bit of business with a prolonged propaganda campaign designed to make us all believe that the unemployed are feckless scroungers who deserve our contempt. In fact the Tories are merely teaching us to enjoy their favourite pastimes - pulling the wings off flies and drowning kittens.

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