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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tories Mount Yet Another Ram Raid.

The criminal syndicate know as the Tory party has stepped up its national campaign of ram raids today. Having stolen the NHS while no one was looking and got away with mugging the poor, they have today announced the beginnings of their latest scam - fencing the Civil Service to the wealthy commercial backers who bankroll their criminal activities. Nothing delights Tories more than flogging off at knock down prices something that doesn't belong to them and handing it on to the "more efficient" private sector. But, as G4S, the banks, the railways and the utilities have amply demonstrated, this again will be little more than an exercise in diverting public money into private hands. Such privatisations bring nothing of value to the public and only serve to privatise so-called profits while the only too real debts continue to be our responsibility. This latest confidence trick is merely the latest in the project to create socialism for capitalists and uncontrolled red in tooth and claw capitalism for the rest of us. The public purse is gradually being pushed into the hot and eager hands of the greedy and feckless private sector while all we get in return is the certainty of higher prices for services and the knowledge that we will be expected to pay when it all goes ponto again.

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