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Friday, 17 May 2013

Some Are More Equal Than Others.

Yesterday David Cameron was cheerfully doing what he does best - lying to the electorate. Despite his "pledge" that oil executives found rigging the market would "face the full force of the law", he was already quite aware that this was not so. There is simply no mechanism by which corporate criminals can be prosecuted in Britain and the Tories have made absolutely sure that it remains that way. That is hardly surprising since the Tory party itself consists almost exclusively of corporate criminals more interested in widening their own business "interests" rather than curbing excesses. Their attention is firmly fixed on the progressive privatisation of the NHS, the Fire Services and Royal Mail which they hope they can then plunder while fobbing the rest of us off with inferior services and ever-rising prices. As usual the Tories are using their favourite misleading words such as "reform", "efficiency" and "transformation" when what they actually mean is rip-off, theft and plunder. Their rhetoric appeals only to the smug, greedy and dismally stupid and it's not as if they haven't pulled this particular confidence trick before. All anyone has to do is look at their gas and electricity bills, water bills, motoring costs or rent. That is what Tories mean by efficiency - they are efficiently taking the money out of your pocket and stuffing it into their own. These so-called "reforms" are criminal acts in their own right with the price tag charged to the public stretching out into the far distant future.

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