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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Is Mark Hoban Britain's Most Successful Scrounger?

Mark Hoban, the Employment Minister who has spent much of the last two years advising banks how to avoid regulation, has today been outed as Britain's most shameless and successful benefits scrounger. The employment minister, who has been in the forefront of Tory efforts to bully and humiliate the unemployed and deny them benefits, has pocketed a cool £133,000 after selling a flat in Pimlico funded by the taxpayer. He was able to do this by exploiting a loophole in the rules that are supposed to prevent this sort of thing. Nor is he on his own as it seems that another 20 MP's have exploited the same loophole which has allowed them to keep their sticky fingers on profits of up to £180,000. Meanwhile Iain Duncan Smith has continued his campaign to make the poor pay for the recession by using yet more dodgy statistics to support his dodgy policies. His latest claim, that over 8,000 benefit scroungers have moved into work after having their benefits stopped, has been revealed by the UK Statistics Authority to be an outright lie. IDS and his criminal colleagues have invented a mythical class of benefit scroungers to hide their own far more successful plundering of public money. They are truly unspeakable.

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