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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Iain Duncan Smith To Be Asked Why He Keeps Telling Lies.

While the national debt continues to spiral out of control in order to fund George Osborne's insane ideas about economics, Iain Duncan Smith is to be quizzed about being economical with the truth. As money flows out of the country like a river, the truth is the only thing that IDS and his Tory mates hoard like misers. The particular lie that IDS is being asked to explain by a Parliamentary Select Committee concerns the idea that anyone finding a job after becoming unemployed does so because they were forced to do so by his policies. This assumes two things - that the unemployed are all feckless scroungers and that IDS is a genius. According to IDS over 8,000 have been forced to find work because of his policy of starving them to death if they don't while another 878,000 scroungers have come of invalidity benefits after having been found to be faking their illnesses. Unfortunately it turns out that IDS has not one shred of evidence to back up his extraordinary claims. Essentially, then, the Select Committee is accusing IDS of lying although they call it "a misuse of statistics." This is a somewhat odd phrase considering that the "statistics" don't actually exist and therefore can hardly be "misused". Of course IDS wouldn't be the first politician to be accused of lying but, given the sheer lunacy of the ideas that the Tories choose to believe, this bunch have little choice in the matter. In a world that simply refuses to behave in the way that the Tories want they have to rely on made up figures to help them sleep at night.

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